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07/17/15 Two Days of Riding to Go!

Submitted by Jacob on Fri, 07/17/2015 - 21:29
I am so close to the finish. In less than 48 hours, my wheel will touch the Atlantic Ocean, and then I will return home to Annapolis with friends and family and my own bed to sleep in. It feels so weird to be so close yet so far. I really cannot wait. My life has been almost on hold for two months, as all goes out to this ride, and there are a lot of things to get done when I get back. I have to:
1.       Register and pay for fall semester
2.       Go back to work on Monday
3.       Clean out the van and organize my whole entire life.
4.       Get ready for the next ride
It was great to see my grandparents in New Holland. I had a relaxing evening with them on Wednesday, and had to say good-bye to Dean who volunteered his time to drive the van.  I really had a great time with him as the driver. My mother made it into town, my father came in at around 11 pm, after we had all gone to bed.
Yesterday was a day full of events. It was my first day off since July 6, so I tried to get a couple 15 minute naps in during the day. I gave a presentation to some of the residents of Garden Spot Village (retirement community), and I thought that it went well. We even had Blue Ridge-11 news arrive.
I went to the Reading Phillies game last night as well, where I met a whole lot of HLAA members Bill Best was the guy who organized all of it. What a fantastic group this is.  What they did to help out the ride was phenomenal. I even met Magical Morgan, who was celebrating her 6th  year implantation anniversary. Her grandfather, Todd, is now the Rides driver until the very end.

We only did 73 miles today, and we only have 48 tomorrow and then 35 on Sunday. I am not use to such short days. This is tantalizing. I would love to just finish this tomorrow, with the children in Lewes, but we have a big party planned on Sunday…