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4/4/15 A good ride

Submitted by Jacob on Mon, 04/06/2015 - 13:16

Well, I got my first good ride in of the season!

By following the link below you can take a look at a map of the route and all of the stats from the ride:

On Thursday, I rode 91.5 km (57 miles) and it was great. I was going to attempt a century, but the Cannondale had an appointment with Bike Doctor, which cut into my available time. As I headed south, the headwind became stronger and stronger. When I began heading back, the wind began to cut SE but l was able to get a good tailwind home anyway. I had a slow average speed due to headwinds, but I set two personal records on a couple of different segments. The arm warmers came off about 10 minutes into the ride, but I did end up needing a t-shirt underneath the jersey because of the temperature.

On my local rides, I always head south or west because it can be difficult to go east (Chesapeake Bay) or north (Baltimore). Heading west is good up to a point, I can take General’s Highway and explore all of the secluded wooded communities like Herald Harbor or Sherwood Forest. But if I head too far west, the traffic is too much as I approach the main Baltimore/DC arterials. Heading south is the best especially as I get into Calvert County. The beauty of Calvert County alone has led to a spike in home values over the past few years, which is unfortunate for cyclists like me who have appreciated it for years. Cows, horses, the Calvert cliffs, it is usually breathtaking no matter the season or weather.

I compare this ride to the riding I did in 2013 and the ride coming up this year. Instead of turning around and getting that tailwind on the way home, I will have to ride through it no matter how slow I’ll go. I’ll look at the WindAlert map in the evening and cry out in despair, for tomorrow’s wind will be worse than today’s. No change in traveling direction for 5 more days, no change in the wind direction for at least 4 of them.

I really can’t wait to get out more as the weather improves. I have one more week of working in Columbia before I get back in Annapolis and I get two hours of time back into my life (due to not having to commute anymore). At the same time, baseball season begins. I have a recipe to write for work tomorrow, a paper, and some school busywork to complete.