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5/12/15 Keeping it simple

Submitted by Jacob on Tue, 05/12/2015 - 21:42

School is finally over and I feel free at last! All I have left is six shifts at work and then a five-day drive to California. There is still a lot to get done, but we got the seats removed from the Honda CRV today, so that I can begin organizing and loading this week.

There are a lot of differences between a 3,800 mile ride and a 10,600 mile ride. When we left in 2013, I bought so many things. Since the ride would take six months, I wanted to be prepared for everything and anything. We used storage containers and straps in the van, and it was insane. Plus, my brother and his girlfriend joined me to DC, Baltimore, and Philadelphia, so we had two additional people AND two additional bikes in the van.

I remember my first flat tube on the way to Philly, and my brother told me that he had to retrieve things that were in 2 different storage containers just for a flat. I guess I put the tire levers in the “tool” container and the tubes were in the “everyday use” container.

Then during the ride, we took out literally everything and reorganized probably about five times, to no avail. If someone needed something from a storage container on the bottom, they would just bend/break the lid rather than undo the straps. I mailed back a lot of clothes like two times just to reduce space.

Not this time! I’m going to get this done right. I bought 4 basic Jansport backpacks. I learned how to live out of a backpack before, and it seems so easy now. 1 pair of jeans, 3 white t-shirts. One belt. One pair of presentable pants and a presentable shirt. Orioles hat. Advanced Bionics hat. 1 can of Barbisol shaving cream. That’s everything, other than the bike stuff… Less stuff, less space, simple living on the road.

There was a successful fundraiser last Wednesday, and we brought in more than $14,000! Huge thanks to Jacklitsch Law for a platinum level $10,000 donation. Expenses have more than been covered and we are already extremely close to funding one CI surgery from this ride.

I'm trying not to make these posts long, now that I am finished with the most difficult semester of all time (first semester of nothing but 300-400 level classes), I’ll try to do more short posts every day, and try to keep them topic-driven. I am getting a sound mapping done tomorrow at Hopkins and I'll probably attend my final Orioles game sometime this week. I have a lot of season tickets to exchange!