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5/20/15 First day on the road..

Submitted by Jacob on Wed, 05/20/2015 - 14:11
Yesterday was the first day of driving! I got 699 miles towards San Diego. Took a 15 minute nap, three refueling stops (I don’t like it below half of a tank) and a Waffle House stop, because Waffle House is the best and there are none to visit in Maryland.
I stayed in Monteagle, TN. I just remembered that I have a cousin that just moved to Texas last year, and one of the three routes that Google gives me takes me right through his area (Fort Worth), so as long as I can get 777 miles in today, I’ll be saving an entire night of hotel rooms. Did some math on the gas mileage. It takes time for it to average out since I started with a full tank and one of my fuelings was not a fill up, but so far my math says 34.2 MPG, which is great for a Honda CRV that is loaded with equipment. I followed two different trucks for more than 100 miles each. Keeping then 100-150 feet away, I’ve been told to expect 10-15% gas savings.
In less than one week I’ll be departing, and it is exhilarating! Two of my great friends from Annapolis will be my support crew from CA to Salt Lake City. Having two people do the driver’s job will make it easier on them, and will make my transition from super-consistent driver to an array of drivers much easier.

   How to Deal with Long Driving Stretches

   1) Put a piece of tape over the odometer and the clock

   2) National Public Radio

   3) Baseball on the radio

Thank goodness for the cochlear implant allowing me to enjoy two of those three things!