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5/21/15 More driving...

Submitted by Jacob on Thu, 05/21/2015 - 12:00

Another very long day on the road, but I made it to cousin Jon Ed’s place near Forth Worth. Almost 800 miles today, with no hotel room expense. MPG is down to 32, probably because of the higher speed limits and driving out here.

Today, shortly after crossing the Texas border, I drove past New Boston and de Kalb. It was surreal to drive so fast past areas that I rode my bike through. I noticed that the road chip-sealing has been completed on Texas 259, which makes sense since it has been two years since I road my bicycle through. Going so fast makes me really appreciate the fact that I’ll be coming the entire way back via bicycle. Last night after writing, I sat outside and turned off my ears because the parking lot was overlooking the interstate. The temperature dropped down below 70.

Today I saw the last of Appalachia, and I believe I saw just a little bit of the Ouachita’s before getting to Texas.

I really appreciate being out here. It gets boring to drive so for so long, but you see so much. On a bike it’s even better because you have the time to really see so much. It gets slightly hot in the car, and then slightly cold, but on the bike you got the heat, the sun, but the benefit of a constant breeze from movement.

Another day of driving tomorrow, to get to Las Cruces, NM. I’m going to get into town a whole day early for sure.