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5/22/15 Finally in California

Submitted by Jacob on Fri, 05/22/2015 - 00:00

I’m in California!

I made it Las Cruces, New Mexico yesterday after nearly 800 miles. It was worth it because I saved another hotel room expense and stayed with some family. I haven’t seen my cousins Kara and David in a long time. It was surprisingly cold in Texas that day, temperatures did not exceed 60 until I was nearly out of the state to the West.

I had two bad experiences while driving yesterday: I accidentally left the inverter on and the headlights on during a 17 minute nap, and I had to wait 40 minutes for a jump on the side of the road. In the leg following, I put off getting gas because I was in a spotty cell reception area with the Orioles game being streamed through MLB audio, and I didn’t want to turn off the radio. I was getting close to a quarter tank and the signs said the next town was only 12 miles away. It turned out that the next town was pretty much a ghost town. I was really panicking for a while since the next town was more than 50 miles away. I didn’t want to drive back 30+ miles because I was already so far behind due to the dead battery. I camped out behind a truck to save gas. It was a truck going about 60 mph in an 80 mph limit road.

Rain began, the wind was blowing against the vehicles in excess of 30 mph, and the sign for Van Horn said 42 miles. I felt a little better but was still stressed. Then at the top of a mountain, there was a really illogically placed gas station. I mean, that was the only thing in sight. Gas light never even came on, but wow, I will never let myself do that again. Out west, it can get remote really quickly.

Crossing into New Mexico and getting to Las Cruces was great because the rain finally broke (700 miles with no sunlight at that point), and I was greeted with the largest rainbow I have seen in my life. I was not the only one pulled over to take pictures. I tried to take a panorama that got messed up a little bit.

Today I crossed into California and made it a town called Brawley, close to Salton Sea. Tomorrow will be an early day, up by 6, on the road by 7:15. I’m heading to a YMCA camp in Julian to meet 45 hard-of-hearing kids. Then I have about 2 hours of driving to San Diego. Something Loud nightclub wants to do a fundraiser for the Gift of Hearing Foundation, so I’m meeting Bryan and Amber there tomorrow and appearing on stage to help initiate this.

Another long day tomorrow, and then it is LA on Sunday, picking up the support van drivers on Monday, and then (finally) getting on the bike on Tuesday.