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5/31/15 Beautiful Nevada

Submitted by Jacob on Sun, 05/31/2015 - 00:00

We made it all the way to Alamo, Nevada in one day! Even with taking a sixth day, this puts us way ahead of schedule. I had a lot of fun in Vegas with Marlei, Katie, and Dana. We got to see the strip, see the Bellagrio Fountain, and I even lost $5 on slots.

Marlei and Katie stayed out but I went back to Dana’s apartment while they saw a show. Bought some coconut milk, got the coffee machine ready, and prepared for a true getting ahead of schedule day. And we did it. There was a lot of tailwinds, so I could have gone even further, but after 102 miles gets you to the town you will sleep in, it’s probably best to stop. The wind won’t be working with me tomorrow, from what I can tell, but we got ahead of schedule.

It is truly beautiful out here. Once we got far enough away from Vegas, we were still in the desert, but we quickly began seeing more and more green. 103 degrees and a burning sun didn’t make the climate much nicer, however. Talking to the locals in this small town with a population of 1,080, we should see a lot more vegetation when we get to Caliente. We’ll be on US Rte 93 for another day and a half, good for consistency, not writing cue sheets every morning. Highway is good so far, shoulder has been taken up by rumble strips though.

Another early day tomorrow, we want to try and get a start on the sun.

May 31 Morning Udate

Marlei and Katie are still sleeping in, just getting up now. It is 8:40 am, so no early start. Maybe tomorrow. Wind forecast changed. It won't be helping me necessarilly as I begin to head east rather than north, but it won't be against me either. When I am heading north (the first 10 and final 20 miles of the day today) I will be flying. It's amazing how much more beautiful everything is when the riding is easier.