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6/01/15 Lots of climbing

Submitted by Jacob on Mon, 06/01/2015 - 00:00

Another day, and another 100 miles bites the dust! It was a much harder ride today even with the almost all-day wind helping me out. I was aided by the wind early and late, but the 6,000 feet of climbing can only be helped out so much by the wind. There were three climbs today, only two of which were appropriately signed with a “summit” marker. I was so disappointed when my final summit of more than 6,800 feet didn’t have a sign on it!

Again failed for an early start, Marlei and Katie slept in and caught up with me during the day and it’s just been a long trek through no cell phone coverage and really small towns.

The support van is having a driver change on Sunday after we get to Salt Lake, so we have a little bit of a time crunch because Sunday is supposed to be a riding day as well. We need to take one of the extra days off to ride ahead, and we are kind of already planning on using the other day off for the ride TO Salt Lake, so that means no days off. I don’t necessarily mind if this is what it takes. Our miles are good right now, so we could still push it and try to arrive on Thursday. But the mountains are getting bigger, at the end of our ride today I believe we saw our first snowcapped mountain but it’s still far away and could be a tree line. Either way, that mountain is probably 9,000+ feet.

No wifi tonight for the most part, I had to walk this laptop all the way to the office to send this blog back home. So no messing around with the gopro (great 2000 feet descent captured today) or anything like that. The office manager donated $100 to us literally as I was in the middle of writing this! More than paid for the room tonight! I love meeting the people who live in towns like this, everybody is so friendly.