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6/07/15 New Driver!

Submitted by Jacob on Sun, 06/07/2015 - 00:00

Good bye Katie and Marlei! Today they got dropped off at the airport. I will miss two of my best friends. I think the trip was fun for them, but also a lot of down time waiting for me to finish all of those 20 and 30 mile legs. They kept me motivated to get out of the van and to end my break and get back out there and finish the day. They endured the worst part of the ride from the van driver’s perspective: days without cell phone service, 80-120 miles at a time with no gas stations, high temperatures and an unrelenting sun. They thought they were coming along for a beautiful, scenic, cross-country trip. But they only got to see miles of endless desert, had to search far and wide for the next 3 gallons of water, had no internet to stay entertained.

I’m glad that the last part of Nevada and then Utah actually got really beautiful and that they got to see that. I’m also glad they got to see at least one bad rain day.
We had fun every night, responsibilities were delegated. With only 10 days together on the road, we had no time to learn each other’s habits and get into a routine. But we did it, and with only a few hiccups. I don’t even think we had any serious altercation or anything, which is saying a lot. Marlei and Katie, I will miss you and wish you could be there the whole way. I wish everyone could be here. Jack, my van driver from last year, his dog Beaumont. Mary, my sister Sarah, and my brother Noah.

So now it is me and my sister and we are behind schedule on miles. Tomorrow we are looking at 112 miles, to hit out 103 average plus one mile per day for the other 8 days of the ride, so every other day will be 102 miles. Second day we’ll do 109, etc. HUGE climb to start tomorrow no time to stretch the legs, the ride will start at the base of the hill.

Me and Sarah are gonna do it.