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6/09/15 Summits and Pizza

Submitted by Jacob on Tue, 06/09/2015 - 10:00

Writing in the morning today. Yesterday was the first day with Sarah on the ride, and we did very well. 115 miles, and done at 7:00 pm. The sun sets so late in the western part of the time zone, so the sun is still out until past 8:30. We brought the average miles per day down to 101, so doing 108 would be great today.

Mile markers are very interesting things. They have been used since the early Greeks, with some still standing to this day. They are used for reassurance that the correct route is being taken, and are used for reference points for directions and in cases of emergency. I see them and I count down the miles. When I’m going slow, for wind or hills, I start to hate how far apart they are. I also do not like being able to see them 4 minutes before actually passing them. I prefer the markers to be placed every 2-5 miles rather than each mile. It’s good to get the mile countdown out of my head. California is horrible because every overpass, every small bridge, has  a marker that is broken down to the hundredth of a mile.

But back to the ride yesterday. We had a long 40 mile drive from Duchesne to get to the start point. I started out with a big 4.5 mile climb to a summit of 9,100 feet. The rest of the day was mostly one big drop until the end when we began climbing a little bit. There was quite a bit of traffic yesterday on US 40. The Duchesne, Roosevelt, Myton, to Vernal areas are all well-trafficced. Population in Vernal is only 9,000 but the whole area is more like 33,000.

Had the best pizza I have had for years last night at Artica Forma in Vernal. I take pizza seriously enough, and this was the real deal. A 3rd place winner of the Pizza World Championships made our pies. They had an 1100 degree (F) wood oven, the pies cooked in only 2 minutes. Homemade crust and a san marzano sauce led to me getting the Marinara, with no cheese on it. The best pizzas don’t need that much cheese, if any. The crust and bottom of the pie had those black blisters for the crispy taste. Best pizza Ive had since I went to a pizza school taught by a 1st place finisher of the same pizza competition. That was a two day class that including making our own dough and all that.

It looks like we might make it close to a town called Craig today, in Colorado. Might make it a bit past it and have to drive back for a room. Hayden doesn’t look that big. Tomorrow, mountains begin. I think it’s going to be 2 whole days of mountains before Fort Collins. This is it, the hardest part of the trip. If we make it to Omaha, we’ll make it to Ocean City