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6/10/15 Continental Divide

Submitted by Jacob on Wed, 06/10/2015 - 00:00

It’s been two crazy days of bike riding. The route we took: US 40 into Colorado (state number 4!) and took that all the way into and a little bit past Craig. Gorgeous day, abundant sunshine, gentle breeze, and big white clouds were everywhere. By the time I got into Craig, the landscape was very green, with lots of meadows. The ride alongside the Yomba River was also serene.

Today I knew the mountains were waiting, but getting up and going outside… I did not know that I also had to deal with rain. It was a long day today, but we made it over the continental divide and all the way to a town called Walden on Colorado Route 14. The name of the pass was Rabbit’s Ear Pass, and I was able to make out the “rabbit ear” rock formation that was on the peak when I made my way down. Cold, wet, and rainy. Sand in the shoulder.

Tomorrow is going to be even rainier. Looking at 100 miles, should get us a little bit past Fort Collins. I know that there will be at least one more mountain pass tomorrow, but I also know that I am sitting at almost 9,000 feet and that there is a 3,000 foot drop at some point. If only the drop wasn’t happening when I am cold and wet. Going fast only makes me colder.

There is nothing I would rather do, however, if it gets more children the gift of hearing. I will get soaked to my skin again tomorrow and spin my smallest gear like an egg-beating fool and watch the drops fall from my helmet like a metronome and I will curse every uptick in the grade. But to help even one more child live in the audible world makes it all worth it.

Crossing the continential divide made me think a lot about Erik’s Ride. I feel humbled that I’ve inspired somebody else to donate their time, money, and their legs/spirit to the cause. Here I am complaining about crossing the divide, but he is just riding along the whole thing. What I went through today is nothing compared to what he will be going through. I cannot imagine. The swings in temperature that occur are incredible. Yesterday was 87, today was 50. Swings in body temperature as well; anything that is waterproof will make you sweat. Good luck Erik! You are so brave!