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6/12/15 Almost out of Colorado

Submitted by Jacob on Fri, 06/12/2015 - 23:50

Another 100+ mile day today. Today was one of those days where I keep my hands in the drops and my head down. I spent more time looking around than at the road ahead of me. Large open area (Pawnee National Grasslands) was beautiful, but always tends to make distances seem longer.

Every day of this ride, the wind has been blowing from the south. It really helped me from Vegas to Salt Lake, but now I am just confused about it. It hasn’t even been very windy.

Only 396 more miles until I get to Omaha.

Things from the Road Today:

  1. Large military movement. Over 30 armored transportation units drove by over the course of three hours. At a rest stop, a helicopter started circling overhead and dropped very close to us before flying away.
  2. I had my first pack of cows run away from me today. Sometimes they run with you, sometimes away. Usually, as riding by, they all become fixated and watch me pass, but if one of them runs, they all begin running.
  3. I rode by 2-3 dairy cow places, which smell a lot worse than just about anything else.
  4. Lots of construction as I entered Sterling. I had to ride about 1.5 miles through construction cones where I couldn’t be passed by traffic. Luckily, well-times red lights made it so that I didn’t actually cost anybody any time! I think one person perceived that I cost him 2-4 seconds, and he was understandably upset. It worked out for all involved but I did get passed too closely.
  5. Ended just north of a town called Iliff. The upper-case ‘I’ and the lower-case ‘l’s’ make this an interesting place name for sure.
  6. Thoughts while riding: Miss everyone back home but also can’t wait to get to Omaha and Kansas City. It’s going to be a lot of fun filled events for almost a whole week with only 195 miles of riding!