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6/14/15 In Nebraska

Submitted by Jacob on Sun, 06/14/2015 - 00:00

We’ve had a great couple of days.We went past Sterling, and into Nebraska yesterday. Again, the wind has been coming from the SSE, and our route was cutting NE, so the wind was kind of with me. Definitely wasn’t working against me, that is. I knew as the day went on, the route would become more due east, so we jumped out of the gates and did a 30 and a 35, so that 65 miles were done around 12:30.

The slight tailwind tapered off as I cut east, and it became more of a headwind by the end of the day. Finished close to North Platte, NE after 115 miles. Knocked out average per day from 101 down to 93! We would have been finished by 6:30, but we lost an hour due to passing through a time zone. I still don’t know exactly where that time zone was, because it is usually a river or a state border.

Today was much worse, because our route cut ESE and the wind was coming from the ESE. It wasn’t too bad at first, but there were extended stretches of 20-30 mph squalls of wind that just sucked all of my motivation out of me. It was extremely humid, but the gusts of wind were cold. Which meant we were heading into a thunderstorm, which became visually apparent in the final 35 miles.

We stayed on US 30 all day today, the old Lincoln Highway. It was the first transcontinental highway across America. There were cool murals painted, I did some reading on it last night. Haven’t read up on what the Pony Express was, I feel like I should know it. Anyway, what was shocking to me was the the first transcontinental highway was privately funded by very wealthy and famous people. Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Edison et al all coughed up $10 million to do it. It was a different time. Imagine if President Obama, former president George Bush, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerburg all decided to get together and build the first high speed Mag-Lev train across the country. It’s so interesting to me that those people back then just went out and bought and paid for something for the benefit of everyone. Henry Ford refused to put any money towards it because he felt that the government should do it. Henry Ford is also an interesting man.

Today we are staying in Kearney, a town with a population higher than Annapolis (city, not total metro area), which is cool. I’m getting lonely ever since Katie and Marlei left. I kind of want to go out and meet people and do things. I miss my dog and my two cats and baseball on the radio. There’s a song that goes like “I don’t miss the east coast seasons but I miss my ma and I don’t know the reason sometimes I miss my pa.” That is how I feel.

Lots of logistics to work out for Omaha and Kansas City coming up.