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6/20/15 Kansas City Royals Game

Submitted by Jacob on Sun, 06/21/2015 - 00:00

Awesome day in Kansas City! Not an awesome day for the Royals, but we brought in $845 in raffle and ticket sales! I had an amazing time with JJ, Sherri, and Terri. I even ran into two woman from the Bel Air MD area wearing Orioles gear, and we spent about 15 minutes talking about the ride and things related to Maryland.

After the game, it was just an amazing night of dinner and festivities. Some of Sherri’s extended family and friends visited and we ate cake decorated with a bicyclist. Some remarked that the cyclist depicted was too dark to be me, but I think with my tan, it is pretty right on.

I have nothing but thanks for Sherri and Dave, our host home for the second time in Kansas City (the first time when I went on my first ride in 2013). Dave went to the ballpark before we did in order to set up the tent, banners, and to get the grill going. It’s awesome to have a real tailgate at the ballpark, which we aren’t allowed to do in Baltimore. Sherri and Terri went around the parking lot, through all of the aisles, selling raffle tickets.

Kansas City has been such a great place, really need to make it back here on a regular basis…I taught someone how to play cribbage (a card game everyone in my family plays) and had a very fun game. Also badminton and volleyball…. Things are winding down now, just me Sherri, Mike, and Lilly in the kitchen.

The ride to St. Louis is going to be a lot longer than originally thought because we ended yesterday’s ride at the theater rather than Kauffman stadium. Hopefully we can get outside of the city fast enough and get ahead of schedule. What I thought was going to be an 80 mile per day average will end up being closer to 100 miles per day.

But, however long the miles per day end up being, it is all worth it. Cycling 100 miles per day isn't so bad when you think about the children that could benefit from an implant.