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6/28/15 After a Long Break...

Submitted by Jacob on Sun, 06/28/2015 - 00:00

Sorry for a long delay in writing! I’ve been so busy the last three days. There is no possible way I can mention everybody I saw at the convention, but I want to give a special thanks to JJ and Terry Shirley for making St. Louis amazing.

A lot of us at the convention went to the Cardinals/Cubs game on Friday night, where I reconnected with Mike, the support van driver. So far, Jacob’s Ride has been good luck for the home team, as we saw some short-lived free baseball (10th inning) end with a walk-off throwing error. Sure hope the luck runs out when I get to South Side Chicago this weekend, as the Orioles (my home team in Maryland) are the visiting team.

I had a great time with the Advanced Bionics booth. I spent most of my convention time there, engrossed in conversation with the AB reps and passersby. I met Sheila, who has an old C1 internal device, who is in the same boat as me where we cannot upgrade past the Harmony sound processor. She pretty much convinced me to go bilateral, so I will have a lot of exploration to do when I get back home. It will be so amazing to take the leap. It’s funny how normal wearing the implant is to me, I don’t think twice. Envisioning a second implant gives me a rush of the old stigma… I mean, one processor looks cool, like a bleuetooth or something. Two implants is scary! The whole thinking process and logic surrounding those feelings are ridiculous.

I also had a great time with the young adults last night. John, Steve, and Johnny… thanks for being there and showing me a great time. An old pal, Alexi, came out from Seattle at the last minute. I think he literally just flew in to have fun for one night with us. I already cannot wait for DC next year, I’m so glad the convention will be so close to home.

Today was also a driver switch. MIKE WEHNART! You will be greatly missed, and I cannot thank you enough. Mike immediately came in and helped the Ride become the most efficient it has been in a long time. Everything was easy. I guess that I adjust myself to each and every driver, but Mike made it very easy. I can’t believe I was worried about having a stranger on the ride… can’t wait to reconnect with him in Annapolis. It was a pleasure. Mike also made a generous donation the ride, on top of the time he spent on the road.

My father will be my driver for the next three days. We made it into Illinois today, crossing the Mississippi in our first 5 miles of the day. Didn’t ride too much further due to rain and it being a “free day.” We are 40 miles ahead of schedule….