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7/04/15 Fourth of July Off

Submitted by Jacob on Sat, 07/04/2015 - 00:00

Me and Jack killed it yesterday. It took a bit longer than we would like to, not finishing until after 6 pm, but we did 100 miles! It was so nice to have Jack on the road. He kept it close all day, almost never being more than 10 miles away from me. Instead of immediately driving ahead, he would hang back for about 30-45 minutes, before driving ahead. 

Diego is a dog currently being house-sat by Jack and Mary, and he is only about six months old. Apparently, he is a cattle dog just like Beaumont, Jack's dog. They have so much energy and are so hard-headed that they require extreme amounts of love and consistency in order to train. Once trained, they are the best, most loyal dogs. 

At this moment, while writing, I just received a call from Annapolis about our dog passing away. Her name was Tootsie and she was amazing. She was about to turn 14 this September. I remember saying good-bye to her when I left 4-5 weeks ago… I knew that it would be her time soon and it could be the last time I would see her, but I wasn’t really thinking it was such a possibility. She had an extremely difficult time walking the past 2 years, but I figured she would hang around for a while longer. The house will feel much different without her. I hope everyone in Annapolis is ok. She lived a long life, and was very loved. She lived the best life a dog could have and passed away peacefully. It’s going to take 2-3 days for this news to affect me because that’s just the way I am… it’s not going to be fun.

So today is the first of three days off, and I'll be going to the Orioles at White Sox game. Baseball is probably the best thing about America, it seems appropriate to attend on the 4th of July. We might go see some fireworks afterwards…

I’m keeping the cause in mind everyday. Erik is having a hard time on his Ride the Divide tour, with a nasty crash setting him back. Only 2 weeks and two days until I’m back in Annapolis and I begin to get ready for the minor league ride…

RIP Tootsie. You lived a long and happy life, it’s hard to be too sad. The house will seem empty and she will be very missed. I’ll always remember how much my dad hated her for about two years before he opened his heart to her and spoiled her endlessly. I remember watching the Orioles playoff games in the basement last fall, with the whole family. Tootsie had lost the ability to come down the stairs. So I go to my room on the main floor, and I see my dad on the floor watching the playoff game with Tootsie so that she wouldn’t feel left out.