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7/08/15 Rainy Day

Submitted by Jacob on Wed, 07/08/2015 - 00:00

It was a wet day today. I got the miles in, though, but the cool weather has been surprising. The temperature climbed to only 68 (F), with most of the day hovering around 59. I got completely soaked during the last leg and had a puncture in my tire with only five miles remaining. Changing a flat in the rain is never fun. It adds to the time spent in the rain and the slippery grip makes it difficult to remove and re-install the tire.

Tonight, we sleep in Columbia City, I estimate about 50-60 miles to the Ohio border tomorrow when glancing at the map. Today also marked the return to Eastern Standard Time, a welcome milestone. We lost an hour during the day, but now it is 9:44 pm, still in dusk. I can definitely understand why many areas in the western-portion of a time zone could prefer to do without daylight savings time.

Not much else to report. I went into my head today and just let the miles tick by. Breaks were kept short and quiet. No pictures as it is harder to do in the rain and I’m too “out of it” when the conditions are like this. Hoping for a more positive day tomorrow.