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7/11/15 Biking Through Ohio

Submitted by Jacob on Sat, 07/11/2015 - 00:00

It’s been a pretty good couple of days. I’ve ridden 188 miles since I’ve last written. Last night was another driver switch, and dealing with the drive to and from the airport was the only issue that had to be overcome. With my father, I rode 94 miles, getting the average down to 83 per day to get to New Holland on time. We got a cheap room in Elyria, a room cheap enough to cause my father to remark that “sometimes the extra $20 is worth it.”

My dad and I grabbed some Chipotle and then he got dropped off by the airport. He is going to shuttle the new driver back to Annapolis (no more flights, since New Holland is so close to home), so I will be seeing him again soon.

Dean’s flight didn’t land until 11:15 p.m., so it was a very late night. It was a 20 minute drive back to the hotel room in Elyria, plus we had a 25 minute drive back to the start spot this morning. The late night got us off to a late start, at about 9 am, but the miles were done. We planned on doing 87 miles, which would take the average down to 82, but Ohio Route 14 had a closure, and the detour added seven miles to that. So we did another 94 mile day. I was really surprised by the climbing today through the Cuyahoga Valley. I’ve ridden from Pittsburgh to Cleveland before, and this route is obviously more south, but it was definitely a surprise to have to climb 3,500 feet today. A lot of sharp ups and downs, but more spread out than in Missouri.

It was a gorgeous day and I even had a slight tailwind for about half of my day. The temperature was a high of 82. No undershirts, no long socks, and the sun actually came out for me to use sunscreen for the first time in a week. So it’s looking good. 82 miles per day seems easy right now, since it’s less than 100. Any day less than 100 should be easy, since we were really pushing it from day 1 until Omaha.

So it’s just been a fun time so far. Dean isn’t exactly a stranger, since I’ve cooked him a lot of food over the years. I’ve had more in-depth conversations with him than probably any other regular customer at Whole Foods where I prepare food. Great all around guy, with a lot of wisdom to share. Likes to talk, which is good for keeping the breaks interesting. I can’t thank him enough for volunteering his time. He also seems entrepreneur-minded. I told him about the minor league ride coming up and my vision for the future of that ride, and he pulled over tonight on the way to dinner and showed me a trailer that was for sale. It was a long trailer that had probably twice the storage volume of a Penske truck. He explained how they have little depreciation, and you can sell them like-new with some new tires thrown on there. He put a lot of ideas out there, like getting some AC units, a small generator, all sorts of stuff. Smart guy. I’m already getting excited for next year.