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Even though I will not be doing any organized or long-distance bicycle riding this summer, it will be full of many events. In April, I am giving a keynote speech to QUOTA international, which I am humbled to do. It is the longest speech I have ever done. I just hope I can share a message of inspiration and motivation to make a change in the world.

 I’ve been asking myself hard questions about what type of work/life balance is good for me and whether this should be treated as a job (full or part-time) or as a calling. The answers have been coming to me slowly.

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything at all for this blog, but it’s been a very busy time. I have kept many supporters informed of what has been happening via the Facebook page; I’ve also had many discussions with other local supporters.

I am so close to the finish. In less than 48 hours, my wheel will touch the Atlantic Ocean...

Two days of climbing


One week from Ocean City! Only 5-6 days left of riding!

It’s been a pretty good couple of days. I’ve ridden 188 miles since I’ve last written.

Only ten days remaining and I’ll have my front wheel in the Atlantic.

Everything is going well. Yesterday was a good day, beginning with a visit to the Center for Communication Hearing and Deafness.

It was a wet day today. I got the miles in though, but the cool weather has been surprising.

It’s been good to be off of the bike for a few days! After watching the Orioles’ defeat yesterday, not much really happened.

Me and Jack killed it yesterday. It took a bit longer than we would like to, not finishing until after 6 pm, but we did 100 miles!

We made it to Richmond, IL yesterday after 96 miles. The wind is still working against me, and it can be frustrating. 

I’ve been so busy the last three days. There is no possible way I can mention everybody I saw at the convention, but I want to give a special thanks to JJ and Terry Shirley for making St. Louis amazing.

Four days off in row beginning now! I made it to the Union Station hotel (where the HLAA convention is) yesterday around 3:30 pm.

It feels so good to be ahead of schedule! Yesterday, Mike and I dominated the bike ride.

Awesome day in Kansas City! Not an awesome day for the Royals, but we brought in $845 in raffle and ticket sales!

Many thanks to Sarah! She dominated her driving job while also staying up late to handle a lot of social media responsibilities and website work.

It’s my last night with my sister! I only rode 80 miles today, but after 11 days of riding, I keep on trying to weasel out of my last miles. I am blessed to have the day off tomorrow.

Sorry for not updating for two days but they have been pretty busy! On Monday, I rode an even 100 miles and we ended up in York, NE

We’ve had a great couple of days.We went past Sterling, and into Nebraska yesterday

Another 100+ mile day today. Today was one of those days where I keep my hands in the drops and my head down

Out of the mountains at last! All it took was one more big climb, this time up to 10,200 feet. Since the climb began at over 8,000 feet, I was quickly in snow territory

It’s been two crazy days of bike riding. The route we took: US 40 into Colorado (state number 4!) and took that all the way into and a little bit past Craig.

Writing in the morning today. Yesterday was the first day with Sarah on the ride, and we did very well. 115 miles, and done at 7:00 pm.

Good bye Katie and Marlei! Today they got dropped off at the airport. I will miss two of my best friends. I think the trip was fun for them, but also a lot of down time waiting for me to finish all of those 20 and 30 mile legs

Writing this in the morning… so yesterday was a reminder that the ride cannot be great all of the time. We finished yesterday with only 41 miles, and a broken derailleur hanger. Before that happened, it was shaping up to be a day of battling through the darkness into the light.

It’s been a great couple days of riding! Yesterday took us all the way from mile marker 10 to 105, on US Rt 6 in Utah. We went through Delta and drove back about 15 miles to spend the night there

Another 100 miles! I barely have time to write tonight. It was a great day for riding, cool morning of right below 70 degrees.

Another day, and another 100 miles bites the dust! It was a much harder ride today even with the almost all-day wind helping me out. I was aided by the wind early and late, but the 6,000 feet of climbing can only be helped out so much by the wind.

We made it all the way to Alamo, Nevada in one day! Even with taking a sixth day, this puts us way ahead of schedule. I had a lot of fun in Vegas with Marlei, Katie, and Dana. We got to see the strip, see the Bellagrio Fountain, and I even lost $5 on slots.

Made it to Vegas on schedule! I want to thank everybody for all of the support on Facebook the other day. It really helped me out a lot. Getting onto I-15 went smoothly, I did a lot of research that proved to be largely correct. Had about 24 miles of illegal riding, but it was so close to being legal that I wasn’t really worried about getting pulled over.


Crazy day today. It’s always desireable to start the leg off right, and we did so yesterday with the ride to Palmdale. But on top of starting the leg off right, it’s also important to start each day off right, and today was a mess from the beginning. more...

We're off! So many memories came rushing back to me, and the fact that it is never easy came to me pretty quick.  more...

In less than 48 hours, I will be roughly 80-100 miles into the ride! I really cannot wait.  more...

I’m in California!
I made it to Las Cruces, New Mexico yesterday after nearly 800 miles.  

Another very long day on the road, but I made it to cousin Jon Ed’s place near Forth Worth.  more...

Yesterday was the first day of driving! I got 699 miles towards San Diego.  more...

Countdown to drive out to California is at three days until departure!  more...

School is finally over and I feel free at last! All I have left is six shifts at work and then a five-day drive to California.  more...

Ten things to look forward to in the cross-country trip:

1. Starting. Right now, the chase vehicle has nothing in it. Nothing has been packed. Things need to be purchased. The ride begins in 27 days!  more...

It’s been a great few weeks, good weather for riding, my job is back in Annapolis so I have two hours of time back in my life (since I don’t have to commute anymore), and baseball season is in full swing. If only the Oriole’s pitching would get into shape… more...

It’s my birthday tomorrow and I didn’t even realize this until yesterday. I thought getting back to the hometown Whole Foods would give me a lot more free time, but I have barely noticed yet.  more...

Well, I got my first good ride in of the season!

By following the link below you can take a look at a map of the route and all of the stats from the ride:


I scheduled my bicycle for a major tune-up appointment today. It will be receiving a fresh drive train, including the chain rings. I have put probably 8 chains on this pair of chain rings, and they are currently shot. more...

The website is finally going to be made public. Shout out to Linda Neuman, and Todd Parks, for helping to completely rebuild this site in a matter of weeks. more...

I recently had a great night at the Crofton Rotary's annual silent auction gala, their biggest fundraiser of the year. more...

It is time to give an update on all that has been happening since the last ride, the Jacobs Ride 180.  more...