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5/15/15 Getting my "ears" in gear

Submitted by Jacob on Fri, 05/15/2015 - 16:52
Countdown to drive out to California is at three days until departure!
I went to Johns Hopkins a few days ago to get a sound mapping from Jennifer Yeagle because with school, and a family reunion last summer that coincided with a job transfer, I missed her in 2014. So I found out that I need to get some corroded battery connections repaired, but thankfully, Advanced Bionics is the best team to work with. A new processor is in the mail, in addition to a backup t-mic and cable.
I have learned to stop abusing my "ears." It is time to start using a bag of rice every night and wiping down the connectors at least once in a while. Shame, shame on me. I've only had the Harmony for two years, and I love it a lot. After 10+ years with the belt-worn Platinum series processor, I guess I just assumed that all of AB's products were built like an indestructible object. The amount of times that I dropped my old belt-worn down the stairs and on concrete astounds me. I think the Harmony is really tough, it's just that managing moisture control is relatively new to me.
I got two bags of stuff loaded into the van today: bike tools and cold weather clothes. I’m not sure I’ll need the cold weather gear, but then again I remember freezing and going through 6 pairs of socks in one day in June 2013 in the Cascade mountains. This year the route is much more biased towards the southern part of the country, so hopefully the wool socks are uneeded!
(Photo taken on June 1, 2013 in South Dakota.
It ws 49 degrees and raining)
8 tubes for luck. 3 spare tires. One chain and one cassette. I got a GoPro camera today that I have to start messing around with tomorrow! I hope to capture of lot of the sights and sounds this time around!