Explaining the reason for the ride, spreading awareness of hard of hearing.
From the beginning of the ride, spreading awareness has been paramount!
Two cochlear implant recipients chatting baseball.
Two cochlear implant recipients getting to chat at the Frederick Keys minor league game.
Riding the Stadium at the 3rd stop on the MD Minor League.
Another day on the road ending at the Aberdeen Ironbirds, the third stop on the MD Minor League Ride, and another chance to raise awareness and funds for those needing a cochlear implant.
Riding to all MD AA basegames for those needing a cochlear implant
The MD AA Minor League Ride was another great chance to pass the word on to others about the Ride, and the reason to help others receive the cochlear implant. Each long day on the bike ended at a game full of support.
Jacob gets to speak at the Secondary Hearing Impaired Program Midland Park High School.
Getting to meet and talk at schools is one of Jacob's favorite pastimes when not riding the bike! Sharing the story of the Ride and spreading awareness is just another purpose of Jacob's Ride.
The Gift of Hearing.  Help others receive it.
Jacob received his cochlear implant when he was 10. Each year 12,000 children are born in the U.S. with hearing loss. Make your donation today to help others receive the gift of hearing.
Media coverage of Jacob's Ride
Raising awareness through the media about cochlear implants is just another part of Jacob's Ride.
Jacob meets the first CI recipient from 2013 Ride donations
Getting to meet the first child who received a cochlear implant from Jacob's Ride. Priceless!!! Thanks go out to all of you who support the Ride for making this possible!

Why ride?

Jacob's Ride was established in 2013 to raise funds and public awareness about the benefits of cochlear implants for the deaf. Jacob Landis, a cochlear implant recipient, has dedicated himself to helping others receive the gift of hearing.

Jacob has ridden his bike over 20,000 miles and the resulting donations have financed over a dozen cochlear implants!

Remember that your donations give this cause meaning. In addition to riding to and attending the 37 baseball games, Jacob has spoken at over 120 public forums addressing more than 10,000 people - each time spreading the word about cochlear implants. Your donations matter! Every dollar you give goes toward the gift of hearing for someone who cannot hear. Give what you can, as much as you can, but GIVE!

Quota International

April 21-23, 2017

Jacob is the key note speaker at the Quota International Region Six Annual Meeting




The reason Jacob Rides! Still riding and planning even more!