The front wheel made it to the Atlantic Ocean
The 2015 Coast to Coast Ride is finished! The front bike wheel went into the Atlantic Ocean on July 19th, 2015. 3,844 miles, over 18 events and appearances, hundreds and hundreds of people met, 10 chase vehicle drivers, 9 flat bike tires, in a total of 55 days. All to spread the awareness of and raise funds for cochlear implants!
Riding the Appalachians
In the heart of Appalachia in Pennsylvania, this has to be the hardest part of the ride but it is beautiful. Every mile is for another child to receive the gift of hearing.
Tuning the bike for the next day.
This is the end of every day. Getting the bike ready for the next. Whether it is 80 miles or 120 miles it has to be ready to keep the Ride going.
meeting others who have received the gift of hearing
Jacob in Milwaukee getting to share the cause of the Ride with other cochlear implant recipients. Thanks go out to all who have been supporting the Ride and helping others receive the gift of hearing.
The Gift of Hearing.  Help others receive it.
Jacob received his cochlear implant when he was 10. Each year 12,000 children are born in the U.S. with hearing loss. Make your donation today to help others receive the gift of hearing.
Jacob's Ride 2015 pedaling through Kansas
Pushing on to the next leg of the 2015 Ride! Jacob is enjoying the flats of Kansas while he can before he hits the Appalachian Mountains.
Media coverage of Jacob's Ride
Raising awareness through the media about cochlear implants is just another part of Jacob's Ride.
Jacob reads to CI children
Spending time with children benefiting from their cochlear implant, and raising awareness about the gift of hearing is a great way to spend the day when not on the bike!
Jacob meets the first CI recipient from 2013 Ride donations
Getting to meet the first child who received a cochlear implant from Jacob's Ride. Priceless!!! Thanks go out to all of you who support the Ride for making this possible!

Why ride?

Jacob's Ride was established in 2013 to raise funds and public awareness about the benefits of cochlear implants for the deaf. Jacob Landis, a cochlear implant recipient, has dedicated himself to helping others receive the gift of hearing.

One down, one to go!

Thanks to all for supporting the Coast-to-Coast 2015 Ride--Jacob is back home!

Although Jacob will be off the road for a couple of weeks resting up for the second Ride of 2015, you can continue to support the cause by giving generously so that others may experience the gift of hearing. And get ready to join Jacob on his tour of the Maryland minor league ballparks in Home Run For Hearing II!

Remember that your donations give this cause meaning. Throughout the Coast-to-Coast Ride Jacob remained on schedule and kept smiling through driving rain, rolling hills, and flat tires. He made several stops to spread the word about cochlear implants, and to meet with people who are using them or hope to be using them someday. Now Jacob would like nothing more than to see donations pouring in--let's make it happen! Every dollar you give goes toward the gift of hearing for someone who cannot hear. Give what you can, as much as you can, but GIVE!

TWO Rides in 2015!

May 26th-July 19th

"Jacob's Ride - Riding for the Gift of Hearing"

Coast to Coast, 3,800 miles in 54 days

Mission accomplished! Well done, Jacob, and thanks to all who helped make this a success: the chase van drivers, those who hosted Jacob for the night, those who bought tickets to the games, and all who supported in any way. Now let's gear up for the next Ride!

August 1st-5th

"Homerun for Hearing II"

4 Maryland Ball Parks, 287 miles in 5 Days

The second Ride will be a quick, short and fun event, with Jacob riding to all four of the minor league teams in Maryland. Jacob will visit the Bowie Baysox on August 1st, the Frederick Keys on August 2nd, the Aberdeen Ironbirds (Cal Ripken's team) on the 3rd and the Delmarva Shorebirds in Salisbury on August 5th. We plan to encourage other bicyclists to ride along. More details will be posted as they are finalized.

The reason Jacob Rides!